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Hvad Er Hovedårsagen Til Erektil Dysfunktion?
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The Trouble With Erection? Let’s Sort It Out!

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Posted on: 10/08/21

Whether the cause is hormonal, vascular, or neurological, sexual dysfunction has become a common problem nowadays, erectile dysfunction being one of them.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection for satiating lovemaking. Not getting aroused due to some reasons or facing issues getting hard is a usual phenomenon. However, when this exception becomes the everyday rule, and men flat out, one should start worrying. It might be erectile dysfunction rooting in and it should be treated at the early stages.


The best ED pills are proven effective in dealing with dysfunctions- Viagra, avanafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil are some of them. The best Erectile dysfunction pills increase the blood supply to the phallus. Also, it fosters sexual stimulation that helps in getting hard and having satisfying intercourse.

How do ED pills function?

The ED drugs trigger an erection that lasts longer. It increases the stimulations and maintains the erection for complete intercourse. The ED drug can start working after 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of drug consumed by the individual. You can buy ED pills of your choice from a local store or online easily.

Moreover, it is advisable not to consume these drugs after meals. Food blocks the absorption of these drugs and they will not be as effective. The outbreak time of the drug decides when you can take part in the sexual activity.

Use with caution!

Some people complain that these drugs do not work. It is a myth! Sometimes, the drugs do not show the result or are not as effective because they are not used correctly. For instance, if you take the pill after eating food, its absorption will be blocked and it won’t be effective.

Moreover, most people possess the misconception that ED drugs are erection controllers. They do not work without stimulation. Take the pills, do your household work, complete the office presentation, and then complain that you are not hard enough to end your romantic night. Sorry, it does not work that way!


The onset of ED Pill

The ED pills have different rates of the outbreak in an individual’s body. The onset of action ranges from 4 hours to more than 24 hours. Each dose is sufficient enough to offer a complete cycle of sexual lovemaking- from erection to orgasm. It may even last through another cycle of intercourse. Viagra is a commonly used pill. You can buy Generic Viagra online or through a local store easily.

Cialis is a preferred option if you wish to have more than one trip. Cialis also has health benefits such as relieving urinary issues. It not only produces erection but also treats difficulty in urination due to an enlarged prostate.  Cialis can be used daily in doses of 2.5 to 5 mg. Every day-use Cialis and Stendra are good options to be used after a romantic date as they are on-demand drugs. Staxyn, a form of drug Levitra, is put under the tongue and gets dissolved rapidly.


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